Believe in Yourself

Whether you are looking for major changes in your life or just want to carve more time from your schedule for yourself, please believe you are worth it.

As mothers, fathers, sisters, colleagues, spouses, students, supervisors, (the list goes on), we can easily get caught up in caring for everyone else and forget about ourselves. At the end of the day, you may have met your sales goals at work, or helped cart kids around town to sports fields, but what have you done for yourself? If our emotional gas tank is empty, how can we support our family? If our energy levels are depleted daily or weekly, how can we be present for our spouse’s conversation or our children’s activities?

Consider this list of self-care ideas and imagine yourself implementing one or two.

Journaling about your day

Singing a favorite song

Taking a long walk

Enjoying a bath

Reading a book

Sipping a cup of special tea



These aren’t high cost activities but simple acts that show you care for yourself.  Sometimes at the end of a yoga class, I’ll cue students to spend a few minutes saying kind words to the themselves. What? Why? We all need to hear positive affirmations, an acknowledgement of a  job well done, a thank you for taking care of this body and mind we are given.  Take a few breaths and think of a compassionate phrase you’d love your significant other or someone special to say to you. But instead of waiting for that day, and depending an another person, take a moment right now and say it yourself.

Say it. Say it, again. Believe it. Believe in yourself. You are worth it.


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