Self-Care Sundays

sunday-1358907_1920Ah, Sunday. The start of a new day, new week, maybe a new schedule, perhaps a new mind shift.
I have worked weekends for the last seven years, so Sundays have been always work days for me, but never with an early clock-in. I had the chance to sleep in if my body would ever let me. Sleeping to 730am is late for me! Honestly, I would occasionally gripe about working weekends, about leaving my family at home and missing out on fun events but still, I did it. I didn’t try to change. And then, seven years ago, I came up with a brilliant idea to add a yoga class to my Sunday schedule before going to work at my full-time job. Why not. Yes, I had to leave the house a little earlier, and drive a little farther but the one hour class was something I truly looked forward to each week.  It was Sunday morning and for many folks here in the South (and elsewhere) Sunday morning mean church clothes and worship service.  It was a bit of a gamble to see how many students would share their Sunday morning with us. However, this yoga flow class grew week to week and was eventually full each Sunday. If students dropped in five minutes late (coming from church) or needed to leave a few minutes early (going to church), no problem.   I got to know the students pretty well as we had before class to chat. After an hour of moving and breathing and being mindful, we all left the room feeling a sense of calm, a little sweaty and really, a little spiritual.

So, ironically in adding a task/job/responsibility to my day, I was actually adding more value to my life.

How does your Sunday look to you? Do you start your day waking up slowly, taking a few minutes to read or sit outside with your coffee or tea? To me, breathing fresh air in the morning is just as stimulating as caffeine! Here are few tips to start your week with self-care:

Let your body wake up naturally no alarm, no kids, no pets.

Stay in bed to stretch or practice some yoga before standing up and bearing weight. Here is one of my ‘yoga from your bed’ podcasts you can try. It’s about 10 minutes.

Schedule a massage or facial.

Talk a nature walk in a favorite or new park nearby.

Set aside Sunday evenings for family brunch or dinner. Ask everyone to help.

Meet up with a friend for coffee. That’s what I am doing this morning before yoga.


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