Happy New Year!

2018 has really flown by.
The last twelve months have been full of fun, work, creating this site, helping others, making money, saving money, short trips to visit family, entertaining, collaborating with colleagues, yard clean-up post Hurricane Florence, healthy food, some not so healthy food, conversations and discussing dreams for next year. Now, that “next year” is here.

I am still teaching yoga classes locally and the highlight of the year in yoga would be my Yoga Nidra Workshop. So much positive feedback and emotional response. If you haven’t tried yoga nidra yet, please check it out. I made someone who had been holding back cry in a good way and also made an insomniac fall asleep…both people thrilled about their responses! 2019 may bring the chance to help lead a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training nearby. That will be something new for me and an exciting avenue to look forward to. More info to come.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were both simple and just right. My family over Christmas Eve for appetizers, cocktails, small pressies, fun games and our first Talent Show! Not everyone participated but those who did , did well and we had a variety of acts. First, second and third place winners received a fresh pineapple. This may turn into an annual event. I was the judge. đŸ™‚

A few health scares in the family this year reminded us to hold dear the ones you love. Tell them, show them, spend time. Be generous. Be kind. Forgive. Make the most of each day. Get your paperwork in order!

We started Jan 1 with an early morning walk and though it was overcast and grey, you can say we started off the right foot. It was quiet and peaceful and our puppy got her exercise and some sniffing in. We saw the neighborhood hawk picking up her breakfast. No cars in or out this morning, just us. We have been walking and exploring new routes around the house and average 2.5 miles each time (about 1 hour). I am hoping to increase that to 3-4 miles when the time allows.

Thanks for reading all the way and for being a part of Good Glow.
Hope you all have a very merry New Year and a safe 2019 đŸ™‚ ~Karin

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