Valentine’s Day

Hope everyone is playing along with this holiday in some form or fashion; whether donning a red sweater or making a homemade card for a loved one. We don’t do much for holidays in general. We aren’t looking to spend $5 for a Hallmark card and like to avoid crowds as a rule, and especially during flu season. Here is a rundown of how we ar spending this Feb 14.

W is outside two stories up, carefully walking across ladders and scaffolding to hang siding on the East side of the house. It certainly makes me nervous to look out the window and see him walking on the same level as me, but he is very careful…and not afraid of heights. 🙂

Safety is our number one concern!

It started yesterday for me when I posted a few items on our local Buy Nothing Group. If you haven’t heard of The BN Project, you can learn more here and find a group near you. It is a Global Mission with hundreds of hyperlocal giving groups. I volunteer a few hours each week to admin one in my area. *Note, it is not a Facebook Group, per se, but uses Facebook and Messenger as the platform for communication* Our theme for February is offering an item to giveaway that is red, pink, maroon, purple, etc. in honor of Valentine’s Day. I found a few shirts we weren’t wearing and offered them up. Maybe by the time you are reading this, a neighbor has picked them up and is wearing them 🙂

After that, we delivered a handmade LOVE sign to my mom. I am not really a crafty person but found this recently on Pinterest .   
I knew with some husband help, we could pull it off. And we did! It took a bout a week from start to finish. We made two of the same. One for us and one for my mom. She loved it!

Made for much less than found online for $119

Today, we are going to an early lunch at a local 100% Vegan Restaurant to try their lasagne and Ceasar Salad. And if we have room in our bellies, we’ll stop by a local family owned ice cream shop that promises to have vegan choices. If we are too full after lunch, we’ll rain date the dessert.

While W is out working, I was able to whip up some sweet treats for him. I made these last week and he really enjoyed them. They are simple. I found the recipe online but don’t remember where…maybe search raw desserts- but so easily made, just read on… The four ingredients were dates, raisins, cocoa powder and walnuts. That’s what I used. This week, we are out of raisins, so I am using dates, chia seeds, cocoa powder and walnuts.

They look yummy but I didn’t try them yet. I tucked a bunch in this cute (red) container for his present later.

Process everything and roll into balls. Keep chilled.

Last thing for today, I am teaching yoga tonight and will incorporate a love theme, focusing on heart chakra. It’s a restorative and yin class so it is very chill.

Thanks for reading. Share some love, or even some like with a few people in your life today. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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