Group Classes are a fun way to meet new people, move through postures, be still in meditation and practice self-care. Classes can be held in a variety of spaces, both indoor and outside.  Please choose a class that honors your body’s level of experience.

Personal Sessions are one-on-one or small group classes, with lots of adjustments, feedback and the option to work on specific postures (or omit them!). Classes can held in a variety of spaces.

Workshops can combine a discussion on the topic of self-care and/or  movement through yoga postures and breath work (pranayama).   Workshops can be tailored to a groups specific needs and population.

Yoga really is for everyone! The diverse population in group classes is one of the things I love best about teaching.  We leave our judgment, ego and worries (and shoes) at the door. We are all one in class.

See the different offerings here. If you can’t make it a local class, try taking a class with me through


Please use the contact form below to discuss or schedule a yoga class, personal session or workshop.