Audible Yoga Podcasts


Yoga and meditation are some the best ways to shift your perspective, reduce mental stress, release physical tension and gain confidence and mobility. There are as many yoga styles as there are personalities! You might need to try a few styles before you find your perfect class. If you prefer one type of yoga over others, that’s okay, too. Cross-training with cardiovascular exercise or strength training is recommended to avoid overuse of the same muscle groups and keep your body in balance.

If you aren’t able to make it a local class, you can choose from hundreds of classes and styles of yoga online.  I’ve been learning, practicing and teaching yoga for all ages and abilities since 2007 and am happy to offer a wide selection of my recorded yoga classes and meditations for immediate download or playback when it’s convenient for you. These are audio classes and can be listened to anywhere, without the need for a viewing screen or any special equipment. Be sure to subscribe to the Good Glow Newsletter for bonus classes and meditations.

A variety of my classes can be found online at AudibleYoga.comIMG_20171104_140924947_HDR