Group Classes

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Let’s practice together!

I’m currently leading a weekly Restorative & Yin Class at Zen Yoga Center.


I’m available for group and personal yoga coaching sessions.

With the small group and larger group classes, you’ll learn or revisit yoga asanas, practice intentional breathing and flow through postures in an efficient, fun and safe way.

Good Glow Small Group Basics (3-7 yogis): A perfect sequence for friends exploring yoga for the first time, newer yogis developing their skills and those returning from injury or absence. Suitable for beginning students as well as experienced students who enjoy a gentler class. You will develop body awareness, learn basic postures, and proper alignment. You’ll learn how to sync breath and movements, and become familiar with the connection to your physical and energetic body.

Group yoga sessions

Good Glow Class: (8+ yogis)A movement based class which includes meditation, breath work, and poses designed to build strength, increase flexibility and raise your spirits. Classes may include poses that are standing, seated, kneeling, arm-supported, one-legged, prone or supine.  Moderate level classes focus on alignment, holding of postures, and strengthening. Detailed instruction will incorporate breath into yoga postures and finding your “edge”. What might happen when you get there? More challenging postures and our response to them may be explored.