Personal Yoga Coaching

Good Glow Personal Yoga Coaching (1:1)  or (1:2)  We will discuss any injuries, concerns and intentions for your practice.

Some of the benefits from personal yoga coaching include:

  • Understanding the proper alignment for each asana, to avoid excessive joint stress and pain.
  • Understanding the “why” of each yoga posture, since each asana features physical and mental benefits, therapeutic applications and contraindications.
  • Remembering that the human body is complex and every person is different. Obesity, orthopedic issues or structural obstacles such as one leg being slightly longer than the other, an uneven pelvis, or scoliosis can make a practice feel different from a “normal” body. What is normal, anyway?
  • Knowing how to progress or modify the yoga asana.
  • Honoring your need for comfort in savasana
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to participate in public classes